The last email šŸ’”

  Bom diaaa    I literally can't believe this is THE LAST EMAIL. We made it!!!  This week was the best week ever.   Literally the best way to end the mission. We have been so busy it's insane. We had to literally sprint to a couple of our lessons and we broke our record making it to the church building from our house (which is normally a good 15 minute walk without a ruagem) in a solid 5 minutes.  This past week I woke up with SOO many bug bites. and every morning I woke up with even more. and it was literally just me, not even Sister Jones. We washed liiiiterally everything and nothing deu AND THEN we found the MOST GINORMOUS SPIDER by my bed okay it wasn't that big but it was humungo to be crawling all up and down my body bro. We killed him   and I stopped getting bug bites   Awesome   Catch me going home white and pasty and looking like a literal leper. Oh and with a whole head of grey hairs  On Thursday we went to the temple!! With our recent convert Carlos!! Oh my gosh